About the project

Wie heute, so war auch damals der Zweck des Modells, nicht etwa Schwäche der Anschauung auszugleichen, sondern eine lebendige, deutliche Anschauung zu entwickeln, ein Ziel, das vor allem durch das Selbstanfertigen von Modellen am besten erreicht wird.

C. Felix Klein

The project aims to create new learning experience through the interplay of mathematics and technics in specifically developed mechanical models. My current focus is to provide dynamic, interactive and hands-on approaches to core mathematical concepts (arithmetic, linear equations, differentiation, integration, trigonometric functions, binary numbers, coordinate transformations, etc.). Involving the senses sight, hearing and touch in the learning process of these concepts should increase learning speed and learning duration.

By primarily using a unique construction set, the material requisition can be reduced substantially and the students learn to think and develop in a coherent world. This in particular reduces the building and developing times in subsequent tasks. The look, touch and sound of fischertechnik make it a perfect choice for a construction set.

The first models were/are developed by me, but, as time progresses, specific tasks will be handed over to qualified students. Concretely, I am running a seminar on this topic and supervise several thesis of students who want to become teachers.

About me

I am a non-regular faculty member (außerplanmäßiger Professor) of the Math department at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. In the past few years, I mainly designed and taught courses at the interface between high school and university.