The book

Depending on the interest, there might be an English edition!

Mathematics: concrete, constructive, creative. Build, play, and learn with fun.

Discover the mathematical universe by building and experimenting with 28 fascinating models from simple to complex. You will get a different perspective on many core concepts in mathematics such as basic arithmetic, products and factorization, area and integration, sine waves, polynomial equations, linear equation systems, and many more.

Questions & answers guide you through the book. Detailed and tested photographic building instructions are provided for every model as well as a list of spare parts.



  • 1 The compass
  • 2 The constant angle circle
  • 3 The sextant
  • 4 The multiplying frog
  • 5 The slide rule
  • 6 The sine computer
  • 7 The mirror ruler
  • 8 The planimeter
  • 9 The train
  • 10 The south pointing chariot
  • 11 The untwistor
  • 12 The Platonic solids
  • 13 The abacus
  • 14 The small calculator
  • 15 The multiplication columns
  • 16 The analog counter
  • 17 The mechanical calculator
  • 18 The binary calculator
  • 19 The DA-converter
  • 20 The string computer
  • 21 The xy-Plotter
  • 22 The line drawer
  • 23 The synthesizer
  • 24 The ellipsograph
  • 25 The harmonograph
  • 26 The isograph
  • 27 The lcm machine
  • 28 The factoring machine

Meet the author

10./11.09.2022 Hannover Congress Centrum Maker Faire
01./02.10.2022 Fördermuseum Sinsheim Südconvention

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The author

Thomas Püttmann ist adjunct professor of mathematics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. He has tested and improved the models in this book in many workshops for school classes and in seminars for university students. Jointly with Dirk Fox he coauthored the two successful books Technikgeschichte mit fischertechnik and fischertechnik-Roboter mit Arduino. He is married and has four children.